To foster and support moral and ethical behavior in individuals in executive and administrative positions in both public and private institutions.

To facilitate the ability of administrators and executives to ‘lead by example’.

To provide training in Self Management and Raja Yoga Meditation as a means of stress management and other skills which enable value-based, spiritually empowered administrative practices.

Administrators are the drive- shaft and axles of the government. Without them, the day-to-day operation of the country’s ministries would cease and the wheels of the nation’s progress would grind to a halt. However, today the nation’s wheels are mired by complex chains of administrative command and often stuck in the rut of convoluted procedures. Though Administrators are often comically portrayed as victims of their own bureaucratic red tape, it is really no laughing matter. Sometimes the wheels are greased with graft and greed and made to move quickly for the benefit of a few; but all too often it means those same wheels roll roughly over the rights of the many.

Spiritual empowerment will give Administrators those qualities of mind and character which enable accurate and efficient functioning. Meditation will free them from the tension, irritation and apathy that accompany their bureaucratic bondages. Self management leadership training will impart the humility, integrity and respect for human dignity that are the source of moral authority.

Spiritual empowerment will give Administrators a spiritual self-respect that is not based on their role or position. They will feel themselves to be stewards of the public trust and the taxpayer’s money, and their role as civil servants to be a noble one. Their civic pride will motivate them towards that job satisfaction which accompanies the spirit of service. In a spiritually empowered administration, service will be the essence of governance.

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